Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thermomix - Week 1

Well, what a week!  The first week with my Thermomix is drawing to a close so I thought I'd remind myself of all the fabulous things it's helped me make.
  • mashed potato (EDC)
  • lime butter (EDC)
  • lemon, lime & orange sorbet (EDC)
  • tomato relish
  • brownie milk (chocolate sauce for milk drinks)
  • Isi's Easy Portugese Rolls (x2)
  • wholemeal bread (EDC)
  • tortillas
  • mushroom risotto (EDC)
  • tzatziki dip (EDC)
  • lavosh crackers (x2)
  • coleslaw (EDC)
  • potato & boiled egg salad
  • mayonnaise (EDC)
  • greek lamb marinade (a modified version of this recipe)
  • homemade lemonade (EDC)
  • homemade 'orange-ade' (modified from EDC)
  • french dressing (EDC)
  • breakfast smoothies (x4)
  • apricot sour cream cake
  • lemon meringue pie (EDC)
  • shortcrust pastry (EDC)
  • mango sorbet (EDC)
  • baked beans
  • butter (EDC)
  • KFC chicken (coating spice mix + buttermilk for marinade)
  • tomato and lentil dahl (EDC)
  • pizza bases (EDC)
  • tomato pasta sauce (EDC)
  • chocolate milkshake
  • custard (EDC)
We did have some great friends over for lunch yesterday, so our little family didn't eat all of this on our own!  It is a lot of food, and certainly wouldn't have been remotely achievable without my new kitchen slave, the Thermomix.

Happy days!


    1. Oh my gosh, thermomix crazy! Congratulations, I love mine too!

    2. WOW - you have outdone me - I haven't made anywhere near that amount - but I have gone a little nuts!!! I know how you feel - I love my new toy!

    3. G'day and WOW!! Your week looks like mine of late having made 80 dishes in three weeks that am s-l-o-w-l-y releasing via my blog too!
      Thanks for inspiring me!
      Cheers! Joanne