Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lamb Roast & Veggies

One thing I like about being a stay at home mum, is the ability to put on a roast in the middle of the week.  Yummo, and plenty of leftovers for wraps and sandwiches.  One of my favourite things from my childhood is cold roast lamb and tomato sauce...not sure that it contains all five food groups, but hey, it's yummy!
I put lemon juice in with the oil, garlic and rosemary that I smothered the roast in before cooking and I sat the lamb on the squeezed out lemon cut in quarters.  I liked the added flavour it gave.

I also made a quick Mint Sauce which turned out really nicely.  I'm not normally a fan of mint sauce, but this added a beautiful refreshing taste to the lamb. 

So tomorrow lunch may very well be cold lamb and tomato sauce!  Looking forward to making my own tomato sauce in my Thermomix when it arrives.

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