Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuna Mornay & some Kitchen Capers

Well, I would love to say that this was an Opie Family Favourite, but unfortunately I think I'm the only one who loves this dish.  I make it with pasta for Will because he will normally eat anything with pasta.  He didn't really eat too much of it last night, but I just had a bowlful for lunch and Will started eating it out of my bowl.  Oh well, at least he ate some!

On another note, yesterday I cleaned out my kitchen from top to bottom.  I think now that the Thermomix is on it's way, I decided to put aside some of the appliances I will no longer need and that just led to the desire for a completely clean and organised kitchen.  Man, it feels good.  I did the pantry a couple of weeks ago, and now to have the kitchen so clean and organised feels amazing.  I have finally grouped my items together.  I have a cupboard each for Food Preparation, Cooking, Appliances and Food Storage.  I also have a big drawer under my oven which contains only my saucepans and frying pans.  I cleaned out my second drawer and gave so many unused items to the Salvos it was amazing.  The Salvos were also the recipients of two big bags full of clothes that I had previously cleaned out of my wardrobe.  I'm loving this new found sense of order...

By the way, I'm doing the Junior Masterchef Cook-A-Long on Friday night for a bit of fun (and to make a dessert that has a gazillion calories in it!).  You can check it out here.

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