Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cheese & Bacon Rolls & Spiced Fruit Muffins

The perfect Sunday lunch, and the rest frozen for lunches and snacks for the week.  This may yet become a Sunday ritual...although probably not, as those of you who are familiar with Forum Thermomix will know, there are more recipes to be had there than one could cook in a year probably!

The Cheese & Bacon Rolls are divine (recipe here).  Thanks maddy for sharing this deliciousness with my family...they are loved by all.

Thermocauldron is a blog that I follow and Emma has posted some great recipes that have become staples in this being her version of custard - I don't use the EDC version anymore, and now there is another.  This is the Spiced Fruit Muffin recipe which she has adapted from The Pocket Muffin Book by Syd Pemberton.  I absolutely love spices in my sweet things...fruit buns, muffins, cheesecake I knew I would love this muffin recipe.  I especially love the tip about being able to use whatever tinned fruit may be on hand.  Today, I used plums, which I thought would go well with the spices.  I made 6 large muffins and will make another batch with the rest of the fruit (I opened an 800g tin).  Scrumptious!  Thanks for the recipe Emma.
Happy muffin days!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you - "The Darlings" have been asking me to make Cheese and Bacon Rolls in the Thermie - you have now officially jogged my memory to make them!!! - I made Tiger Bread last weekend - I have to post that one yet!!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what this "Tiger Bread" is all about!